The White Album
My name is Stefano, 18, I'm from Malta and I loooove the Beatles.
So this is a fanblog dedicated to just them. Enjoy the Beatles world <3

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Four newcomers of showbiz, January 1963.

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“I didn’t like the look of Rory’s drummer myself. He looked the nasty one, with his little grey streak of hair. But the nastier one turned out to be Ringo, the nicest of them all. Playing without Ringo is like driving a car on three wheels.” 

"Rory Storm + the Hurricanes came out here the other week, and they are crumby. He does a bit of dancing around but it still doesn’t make up for his phoney group. The only person who is any good in the group is the drummer." (1960)

GEORGE: I like Ringo’s song [Octopus’s Garden].

WIGG: Yes, great song.

GEORGE: Because – I mean, most people say, “Oh well, it’s Ringo,” or you know, “Haha,” or something. But it’s great that Ringo should do it. You know, why shouldn’t he do it? And it’s just like a country and western tune anyway, and it’s a happy tune, and it’s all that. And I like what he’s saying about “rest our head on the sea bed” and all that. “We could be warm beneath the storm…” (1969)

"Ringo’s got the best back beat I’ve ever heard and he can play great 24-hours a day." (1974)

"George presented [Ringo] recently with a special leather bound volume which on the cover said, ‘Ringo Starr: greatest drummer on earth.’" (1985)

"It’s always hard for a drummer. It’s hard for Ringo to just knock out an album. It’s difficult enough for me and Paul. It’s not easy having been enormously famous, and, you know, having to try to…I don’t mind, personally. I don’t mind being obscure. I remember years ago Ringo saying to me he’d love to have a Number 1. And I said, what for? You are the Number 1. It doesn’t matter about the record.” (1988)

- George Harrison on Ringo Starr

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Paul McCartney, in London (July, 28, 1968)
Photographer: Tom Murray

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“George was wonderful on the guitar. His little legs would kick out to the side when he did his own tunes. He’d go all posh and say, ‘I’d like to do a tune now from Carl Perkins, “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby”, and it’s in A.’ Who wanted to know what key it was in? But he always said that.”

- Chris Curtis of The Searchers, BBFC’s Harrison Exclusive (2011)

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George Harrison. The sassy Beatle.

George George george

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